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Updated: Jun 4, 2022

May 1, 2022

Just a few years ago, New York was thriving. Today, due to reckless Democrat policies, we have lost millions of residents while violent crime and taxes continue to shoot up. The Governor seems to think that the Empire State needs an Empress – she continues to champion the eradication of our individual liberties. She also clearly feels she herself is above the law as evidenced by her recent removal of her criminally convicted Lieutenant Governor from the election. She passes corrupt laws to desperately hold on to an Office she was never elected to instead of enacting legislation FOR THE PEOPLE.

I never thought I would run for New York State Assembly. I am an immigrant who came to this country twenty years ago to chase the American Dream. Through my hard work, I built a successful life for my family and am blessed to live in Nassau County, where common sense and safety and family values are still held dear. But how long will that last?

We neighbor the most crime-ridden area in the State. As the crime wave rolls on, our communities have fallen victim to the spillover. Carjackings and burglaries are up. Hate crimes are on the rise. So are property taxes, even though we are less safe than before and our schools continue to fall in national rankings.

Democrats are ruining New York and our beautiful country. I am running for New York State Assembly because we need people who will bring common sense and true representation back to our government. With your support, I commit to bringing your voice to Albany and to providing real solutions to our most pressing problems.

I hope to count on your support throughout our journey together leading into November. Together, we will save New York.


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