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About Me

I stand for you

My name is Ruka Anzai. I am a mother, immigrant, and IT professional who wants to live in a safe and prosperous New York.


Like millions of others, I came to this wonderful country in search of the American dream. I knew that if I worked hard and did right by others, I would be given the opportunity to create a successful life and a nice home to raise my family in.


Today, my son is a student in one of Nassau County's many excellent school districts. My family loves living here, where "neighbor" still means something.

But I’m concerned. I am devastated that in just a few short years, Democrat policies have undone so much of the good legislation which made New York the cultural and economic breadbasket of the world. As New York City declines, Nassau County will follow suit unless we change course.

Image by Marco Oriolesi

I moved to Nassau County for stability. Instead, we all are experiencing the direct consequences of Democrat rule every day. Violent crime is up due to the Democrats’ disastrous bail reform laws. Gas and food prices are way up due to the Left’s lack of sensible economic policy. Taxes continue to go up every year without New Yorkers seeing improvements in quality of life.


The Governor thinks she should control everybody’s medical choices. And she also thinks it is a good idea to wipe out single-family-home zoning – the very core of the American dream for millions of us.

I'm running for Assembly because we need common sense in our government, and right now we are not receiving that. With your help, we will take back New York State for the hardworking taxpayers who deserve honest representation.

As your Assemblywoman, I will listen to and act by the will of the people.  I thank you for your support in the days ahead. Please come to vote and create a victory on November 8th. Representation and growth will come back to New York.

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